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· So weit die Räder rollen - In 1000 Tagen von Feuerland nach Alaska und Labrador
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coach factory outlet (Punkte: 1)
von coach66 am Donnerstag, 25.Oktober. @ 04:28:19 CEST
Professor Jiang is a well-known children educational experts, the day after he finished recording the children's education program, we teach you go shopping to buy some things.

Professor Jiang has just entered the mall, I saw a naughty little boy I do not know how to climb up the goods display play the parents of the little boy a hammer to persuade him to come down, can be the little boy usually spoiled now where Ken obedient simply display stand in Shangpan to climb go myself playing with the little boy's parents worried that he fell off, the display under recite.

Professor Jiang looked not help but laugh standing quietly watching next, he would like to test their own seminars help parents see how they "deal with" this little boy.

The little boy's parents see their children how to say do not listen, very angry, ready to force up to hold the child down.

Professor Jiang the next secretly shook his head, he knew that this certainly does not work. Sure enough, the little boy Buyiburao cry coach outlet online [] and kick, firmly grasp the display does not let go, display racks shake badly in a pull-Yi Che fall apart like sounds, scared his parents hastily withdrew his hand.

This trouble, attracted a lot of customers onlookers ran persuade the shop attendant: "The kids here are shopping malls, not a children's playground, can not play, you come down quickly!"

Professor Jiang a, I thought: the young clerk certainly did not get married, do not know how to talk to their children, with command like tone, far from achieving its purpose, but also caused the child's resentment. Sure enough, the little boy listened to the clerk of white at him, displeasure, said: "I have chosen not down!"

The clerk fear of the display fall Zazhuo people had to go ask the manager to deal. The manager is a beautiful woman, and pretty soon, she came up and said affably: "kids, to climb so high, fell off the ass pain."

Professor Jiang at the side and listened, nodded, coach purses outlet [] and emotionally moving him little boys want to hear, door child! I did not realize the little boy coach factory outlet online [] happily employed in display cases, lashing his two little arms, and said proudly: "fell off my father would catch me, I'm not afraid!"

The manager helpless, the store manager had turned to go, please. The managers are also afraid of the little boy sudden mishap, compensation and regardless, would certainly have a negative impact on the mall own, so the manager came and quickly took a high-end coach factory [] electric car: "The kids, as long as you are down, my beautiful car car will give you one. "

Professor Jiang looked and thought: bribe, is also a good way, the average child will not refuse.

Sure enough, the little boy heard someone gave him something, then stopped, looked at the manager hands electric car, the last still mouth a write: "This? My house a lot of it, what toys have, I do not rare. "too! The manager is nothing I can do.

Professor Jiang know in negotiations, he separated from the crowd, went. Professor Jiang many people know, know that he is a child education experts, there must be another way the little boy said to move, let the children obediently down.

I saw Professor Jiang loving little boy said: "The little guy above fun?"

The little boy looked at Professor Jiang proudly a Young head, said: "fun." Professor Jiang smiled: "However, the climb so high, not afraid of danger this?"

The little boy giggled and said: "I am not afraid, I climb a tree in the park, and also higher than that!"

Professor Jiang point nod, said: "You're a brave boy, but the brave children also should be is a speaking truth, obedient good boy, know what is and what is evil. You climb so high, so Mom and Dad to worry about, but also affect the mall work aunts and uncles, and not on the Oh! "After listening to this little boy does not speak, break off the mouth thinking.

We see a few words of Professor Jiang said, moving a little boy, admire incredibly. Professor Jiang continued cordial tone, said: "well-behaved child to Mom and Dad can not get into trouble yo Come down!" Who would have thought the little boy one wanted him down, feet Yiduo stamp display stand straight shaking or phrase words: "I'm not down! above, I'm going to play!"

Killer mace

Said the half-day White said Professor Jiang also Monet. Store manager see childhood education experts are powerless to help anxious sweating profusely. Crowd of people now more and more, and seriously affected the normal order of the mall, Panic, the manager said loudly: "Which can warn down, we the malls are willing to reward him $ 100 in cash." You Look at me, I look at you, no one should.

Two hundred yuan! Nobody is willing to give it a try? "Manager again reward plus doubled. At this time, the mall just got off work cleaners came over said: manager let me to give it a try. "Store manager looked skeptically him about it, I thought: people children education experts are powerless, a cleaner what ability do? Styled manager also nodded.

Crowd of people in this cleaners doubt, some even whispered to cynicism: "look at his scrubby gentile, this does not in order to take two hundred dollars, to scare the kids down rough?"

Cleaners no longer speak, smiled and went to the display side, a piece of paper from his pocket, louis vuitton purses [] and left a fold, a fold right, or three hundred fifty-two stacks up a paper frog on the left palm hearts, and then stretched out a finger of the right hand, push the button in the back of the frog, the frog forward jumped, jumped out of the palm, dropped to the ground. Cleaners crouch frog rear touch of coach factory outlet [] the frog jump forward to, even a few, the frog jumps under the display. The shelves of the small boy looked intently, his eyes full of curiosity, his face showing the color of charmed, he coach outlet [] can not help but cried: "Oh, really fun, really fun!"

Cleaners smiling child said: "Do you like it? I gave you." Little boy immediately cheered from the display stand climb down, put it down to paper frog in your hand, the onlookers could not help muster palm ......

Professor Jiang shocked by this scene, he could not help into deep thought: ah, now the kids what to what, parents are fine to eat food, are high-end toys they play this little boy even several hundred dollars of advanced electric vehicles disdain, but then such a coach outlet store [] stack of hand-worthless paper frog like them very much, and perhaps now the parents of the children who painstaking sorts of love, but really forgot to give the child a little traditional simple memory!

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